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2012 Wedding Up Do’s


2012 Wedding Up Do’s

Weddings take months to prepare. Even if you have a year of planning to spare, you might still be pressed for time as the big day draws near especially if you are taking care of the tiniest details yourself. The good news is that once you have made a decision on the major details, the other smaller aspects of planning a wedding should easily fall into place.

When Planning a Wedding, Pay Attention to Details

When planning a wedding, make sure to pay attention to the details. Consider the following factors when making certain decisions:
– The time of day and season of the year that the wedding will be held.
– The theme of the wedding.
– The venue for the ceremony and reception.

Let’s say that you are having a summer wedding and the reception will be held outdoors, in the afternoon. When planning on the bridal hairstyle, make sure to take the weather into consideration. Since the ceremony will be held outdoors, the bride should have a hairstyle which would not be easily swept by the wind, or look limp if it’s a bit sunny. The bridal hairstyle should not need constant re-fixing, so make sure that it can last throughout the day and well into the after-ceremony party when the bride and groom are bound to dance the night away.

Aside from the weather and the time of day that the ceremony will be held, another factor that you may want to consider when making wedding plans is the current bridal trends for the year. Now that 2011 is almost over, what are the hottest trends for bridal accessories, gowns and hairstyles that you may want to follow? Read on to find out.

Trends for Bridal Accessories

First, what are the emerging trends this coming 2012 for bridal accessories? If you’ve had a chance to see runway shows for the hottest bridal trends for the next fashion season, the focus is on gold accessories. This is especially true if you are planning a winter wedding. From the bride’s shoes to hair accessories and jewelry, anything that’s made from gold can be considered trendy. The good thing about following this particular trend is that gold never goes out of fashion – just make sure not to overdo it. Simply choose one or two gold accents to complete your look as a bride, and you should be good to go.

Trends for Bridal Gowns

For bridal and bridesmaid’s gowns, the trend veers towards big, layered skirts which are made from sheer materials. Some of the most popular fabrics used by designers include lace, crepe, batiste, tulle, chiffon and organza. Instead of having a dress which is only made from lace, for example, the trend is more towards using a combination of all these materials.

How about Bridal Hairstyles?

Finally, when it comes to hairstyles for the bride, the trend is to go simple and loose. Ditch those updos which take stylists hours to create and simply have your hair as a bride styled with natural, loose curls or waves. As an accent, you can go for a sparkling gold brooch, a large gardenia or another exotic flower, as well as birdcage veils which can become the focal point of your bridal outfit.

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Up-dos for Medium Length Hair

Wearing your medium length hair in an updo is a fun way to change your look. Updos are great for special occasions, weddings and parties. They lend an elegance and panache to any outfit, and will make you feel special. Medium length hair is long enough to sweep up and will look lovely in any number of updo styles.
French twists are a classic look that works well with medium length hair. French twists are elegant, classic and always in style. Wearing a French twist is an easy, hassle free hairstyle that you can accessorize with clips or flowers to add an extra flair.
Chignons are another great choice for medium length hair. Chignons involve folding the hair and securing it at the nape of the neck. Chignons are sleek and look polished no matter what you are wearing.
Braids also look beautiful in medium length hair, and can add a playful sophistication to your look. For the best results, braid your hair from the temple to the ear, and then secure the hair into a low bun or chignon. This provides a timeless and romantic look that is appropriate for all ages.
A half up, half down updo is also an easy style for medium length hair. To achieve this look, curl your hair and then pull half of the hair back from the temples up to the crown. This provides a soft, casual style. Wearing your hair half up and half down is a terrific way to incorporate barrettes, clips and other hair accessories into your look.
Buns are another popular style. They can be styled to convey either a sleek and polished look, or a loose and romantic look. Buns can be positioned above the nape, at the nape, below the nape, or off to either side depending on the look you desire. Curly or wavy buns worn with the hair lightly pulled back provide a soft, romantic look that is easy to style and wear. Hair pulled back tight with a sleek, straight hair bun will look classic and clean, and will help to show off your jewelry and neck beautifully.
Any of the above hairstyle ideas are a fun way to change your hair without having to cut or color it, and they can be easily undone if you do not like the result. Experiment with all kinds of different styles, and look in magazines for inspiration to create your own signature updo look. Have fun trying on new styles and enjoying the way they make you feel and look. If you are having trouble with the mechanics of your updo, consult your hairdresser. She will be able to give you pointers, tricks and tips to make doing your hair easy and hassle free. She will also be able to recommend products designed to hold and add volume to your hair.
No matter what style you choose, medium length hair looks terrific when it is swept up. Wearing your medium length hair off your face and shoulders will help you stand out and polish your look. All you need is a few bobby pins, elastic bands, curling irons, combs and brushes. With little time and effort, your medium length hair will simply look fantastic.
Create the perfect updo for any special occasion – your wedding, prom, formal event or homecoming ball. Instructions on how to make the most of your hair whether it’s curly, short, long or straight. For more articles and unique content for your own website from, please contact us.

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Wedding Hair Accessories – For Complete Wedding Look

When doing your hair for the wedding, make sure that you have the best hair accessories. You really wouldn’t love it if your wedding pins are lost and your hair flying away. The wedding hairdo is not only for the wedding ceremony but also for the reception party which follows. You would want your hair to remain in place and this is the time when these small yet useful accessories are found to be helpful. The wedding hair pins are made from a variety of materials and are available in different shapes and styles.

The wedding hairpin is an important accessory that makes your tresses look innovative. The wedding pins have add-ons like beads, glass and even small stones. The ideal wedding hairpin would be one with floral patterns on them. This will make you look elegant and serene.

Women have been using hairpins since long. Archaeological excavations have found them with jewelry. This indicates how important they have been then and are still. The wedding pins are studded with expensive genuine stones like emerald, rubies and even diamonds. Every jewelry store has a wide range of designs at cheap, reasonable and expensive prices. Very much care and attention goes into designing every single specific piece which makes them so absolutely desirable. Thus, they help you flaunt your hair on the important day of your life.

You need to pay ample amount of attention when you settle for your wedding pins. When choosing wedding hair pins, you need to take care of several factors enlisted below:

You need to settle the theme of your wedding, since this is very important when choosing hair pins. Say you have wedding with garden themes, then you can opt to wear flower pins or butterfly pins. So you can see how you can even make your look coordinate with the wedding theme.

Now before you decide on your wedding hair pins you should always go through various magazines, newspapers and also the various websites. They have excellent bridal makeup ideas and suggestions. They provide some very useful information and facts about the ideal wedding hair accessories.

Now when you are you do your hair, remember never to put an excess number of pins. This might just ruin your final show. As far as wedding hair pins are concerned, always use the minimum number of pins. They make your hair set well and remain in place for quite a long time.

And finally you need to decide on your wedding dress before you set forth to buy your wedding hair pins. To have the perfect pins you need to coordinate your dress well you’re your hair.

You can do an innumerable wedding hairdo with the pins. They can be of any size but should not cause discomfort. You can choose a flow down hair

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2010 Fall Hair Styles

If you are looking for a way to shape your style this fall curls are the way to go. They are rising up to be the next big thing this year, literally.  It’s all about curls big, small, loose, or tight having curly or wavy hair will help you be fashionable this fall.

After over 1000 hair stylists were polled the conclusion was staggering, curly hair is the next thing this fall and winter. Look for texture that helps add depth to your hair, also make sure you look for an oil or treatment to help soften those curls, the softer the better. You want your hair to be shiny and soft but not flat or lifeless.

Even though curls are the rage it is still all about the cut. A good cut can lead to major curlage where as the wrong cut can lead to flat dead hair. To get maximum results remove some length, which can weigh down or flatten the hair out. Once this is done it should help make hair more curly and bouncy.

The look this years is relaxed and happy, which means go big. Now if you want to shy away from the curls that’s fine but big is still where it is at. Try to stay away from major heat or chemical treatments which can damage hair and cause it to become dead and life less. If you hair needs a pick me up try hair vitamins which can help make your hair more healthy and break less.

To get good results you need to find a good shampoo for curly hair, also a curly hair conditioner as well. These can make a big difference in your everyday routine.

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Easy Updo’s For Everyday Style

An updo is simply arranging the hair in a bun or a pony tail instead of letting it hang freely around the face.  These days updos are no longer the formal stiff looking buns and knots that women used to fashion during proms, weddings or other formal occasion.  Instead modern updos are more soft, sexy and feminine.  Modern updos can now be done quickly and can be worn during any occasion, making an easy DIY updo accessible to any woman.

For the modern woman an updo is not just a fashion statement, it is a must.  Mothers and career women feel that they can move around more freely when not constricted by long hair.  The updo is not just for straight haired women, they are also for the curly haired.  Doing your hair does not have to necessarily mean an expensive trip to the hair salon or the stylists’.  It can be done cheaply and in a short time right in your own home. 

For the most basic updo, you can just tie your hair in a pony tail and be done with it.  Another way to do a basic updo is to gather your hair in one hand and raise it behind your neck.  Pull your hair into a twist and secure the twisted hair with hair pins or those specially designed hair-claws.  Let the ends hang freely.  To add more style, pull some hair out from the side of your face and let them frame your face.  By allowing some wisps of your hair to fall freely, your updo is softer and more feminine.  You don’t have to worry about your hair being messy despite the clips and hair pins.  Most celebrities wear their updos in this messy style.  This casual hairstyle can be worn not only at home or at work but can be worn during any event. 

For my personal updo, which I wear everyday at home and when I go out.  I wash my hair and apply conditioner.  I towel dry my hair and if I don’t need to go out I don’t use blow dryers instead opting to have my hair dry naturally.  When my hair is finally dry I put on some leave on conditioner or hair gloss.  Since I have black hair these products will make my hair shinier.  I put on a head band to keep the hair out of my eyes.  I usually choose those elastic kinds with colorful patterns.  After I secure my head band, I gather the rest of my hair at the back of my neck and depending on my mood I usually secure my hair low, just at my nape, or when I am going out for a night in town with my friends or have to go to a business meeting I secure it in a pony tail high on my head.  My hair is shoulder length so instead of finishing the pony tail, and pulling the hair out all the way out the scrunchie, I let a small bun form and arrange the hair I have pulled out to cover the bun and scrunchie.  This style is casual and messy but it can be worn to formal occasions too. 

The updo is a very versatile hairstyle, so you can personalize it to suit your needs, mood or the event you have to attend.  You can try accessorizing your updo with barrettes, hair clips or bobby pins.  You can also try curling those loose tendrils with a curling iron if you have straight hair to add variety and style to your updo.  A casual messy updo is the best look for any occasion. It is easy and fun to do.  This look is easy on the budget too.

There are many other ways of doing updos. So do not be afraid to experiment and try out new styles. An updo style is out there waiting for you to try out. Get more great Hair Updo Ideas at

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Wedding Updos Guide

The same frustrations with hair that plague women in daily life often show up during wedding preparations. While you will begrudgingly accept a “bad hair day” every once in a while, you don’t want to have such a day with your wedding hair style. You want everything to be perfect, right? Well, very few things about weddings or life for that matter are perfect. It is better to focus on how you can do your best. When it comes to your wedding updos, there are some ways that you can attempt to make sure your wedding hair style doesn’t turn into a “bad hair day”

If you purchase your wedding dress from a bridal shop, the consultants will undoubtedly show you accessories for your hair, such as a tiara, flowers, or headband that complement your dress. Wearing a headdress will influence your wedding hair style. You will need to inform your hairstylist if you intend to wear a headdress. The stylist will want to create a wedding hair style for you that not only accommodates a headdress, but that also stays in place when you remove the headdress.

In addition to what you are wearing, the wedding hair style you choose to wear on your wedding day should first reflect the style of wedding you are planning to create. Are you planning a formal or informal ceremony? A wedding hair style that is dramatic is appropriate for a formal wedding, while a hair style that is more playful and loose is appropriate for an informal ceremony held at a beach, for example..

Last minute decisions are common during wedding preparations. One thing you don’t want to put at the end of your checklist is what wedding hair style you are going to wear. If you don’t have a hair stylist, find one in advance of your wedding. You don’t want a wedding hair style that is tacky and you definitely don’t want a hair stylist who won’t deliver a special wedding hair style. It is customary for brides and bridesmaids to block off four hours or more before the wedding ceremony to obtain their wedding hair style. Be sure your hairstylist can accommodate this or make other arrangements. It’s a good idea to avoid having the bridesmaids take care of their own wedding hair style. Otherwise, the result could be everyone with a different wedding hair style.

Although your hairstylist can offer suggestions for your wedding hair style, it is a good idea to give them some idea of what you like. Browse popular bridal magazines and other magazines featuring various hairstyles until you find a wedding hair style that appeals to you.

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