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Why You Should Use Professional Hair Stylist Products

It is true that these days we have multiple products to choose from for our hair. Yet, why would we choose a professional hair product instead of the cheaper, nonprofessional products? As a cosmetologist I have spent a lot of time researching the quality of professional salon products versus the cheaper, mass marketed, nonprofessional products. Professional hair products are tested extensively to ensure safety, quality, high concentration, and effectiveness for hair. They always come with a money back guarantee which speaks volumes.

Products are tested on live models to assure that their testimonial always has the result desired. Not only do consumers use these products, but stylists use them in the beauty salons and give their expert opinions back to the companies about the quality rendered. Stylist’s opinions are used to review the marketed products, and we stylists can be very favourable or critical because an excellent hair product used on a client’s hair is essential to a stylist’s customer retention.

Companies offer toll free numbers that a consumer can call for any questions about a professional product, which is also a guarantee of quality also. Nonprofessional hair products are made for mass production and therefore they are not of exceptional quality.

Many of these products have high concentrations of alcohol, detergents, and other harsh chemicals in them that can damage the hair and skin. Along with drying out the hair and skin, these can strip out perms and salon color from your hair. Many of these products are not truly ph balanced for the hair, and can leave it dull and drab, or even fly away.

Mass manufactured department store hair products have heavy concentrations of wax substances in them also, which can lead to hair loss. The hair loss is caused due to build up of the wax additives in the product that accumulate on the scalp. This can smother the hair follicle and the ultimate result is hair loss. I have witnessed this hair loss many times with new clients who have been using these cheaper versions of shampoos and conditioners.

At first the hair products that claim luxurious shine and manageability seem to work. After several shampoos and conditioning treatments however, the wax buildup is evident from the dull lifeless hair and greasy scalp. It will take a salon clarifying treatment to remove the wax build up from the hair and scalp.

Nonprofessional hair products are not tested thoroughly enough, tried, and proven for the health and beauty of the hair and scalp. That is why they are offered at a cheaper price. You get more value in the long run when you pay a little more for a better quality, highly concentrated, professionally tested product, that is guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for.

I have personally tested both kinds of products on my own hair to experience the difference in quality first hand. My research still proves that professional products work better for the hair and scalp versus their less expensive counterparts.

I will be writing more on this topic as well!


Hair Care – New Spring Styles For 2011

These days a good majority of women are putting on shorter hair in order to compensate for less time in the morning to work on the hairdo, but for the spring of 2011, look for longer locks on women, even the working woman.

Women are coming to terms with the fact that longer hair can actually be easily cared for while shorter hair may take extra work in order to tame those curls or to set the hair in the spikes that look nice. Flat short do’s are becoming don’ts for spring of 2011, with a far softer and more feminine look coming to the fore.

Long soft curls or long sleek locks with a bit of body are making the scene at the workplace and in the home and gym. Long hair can be easy care, it simply requires a style that permits you to finger comb and go like some of those tousled short do’s used to be.

The second reason why short hair is making it’s way out and slightly longer styles are coming into play in 2011 is that this year, its all about movement. The slight sway that longer hair can offer. Styles are going to appear to be moving even if they are well locked into place with gels or sprays. Clever cutting styles and easy techniques to add height and volume will make even the most well styled and laid down hair appear to have movement.

Another important concept for 2011 is a brand new look called the candy floss texture and style. Its very soft, extremely feminine to view and has a very matte finish to it, rather than a high gloss type style. A spray of sea salt or salt water is offering this great new look and then the hair is backcombed to achieve the effect of softly flowing hair even if its been gelled into place with a vengeance.

The soft side part or a center parting is back in style with the pouf that was last year on its way out again, but along with the part comes a soft fringe or a blunt cut set of bangs that will lend some softness and some swing to the style that you’re sporting.The newest look is an arc cut bangs that add some swing and some softness, gently framing the face. This type bangs though can be difficult to maintain so if you’re not someone who regularly makes it in for a haircut, you’ll want to consider a blunt cut bang in order to get the effect a bit more longer lasting and low maintenance.

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2011 Spring Hair Do’s

Prom Trends for 2011: Dress Colors to Hair Styles

We all remember our first prom and our last prom we went to. With the upcoming prom season coming into season, let’s take a look at the latest 2011 fashion trends. Many teenager girls are busy at this time, we are going to look at a few fashion trends to help you. We will cover dress styles and color and what will be hot and not. Spring is a pound us and we are all reading the latest fashion magazines for the next hot prom dress.

It is not fun to be the last-minute shopper, crammed into a department store fighting for your dream dress with hundreds of other girls. We will take a look to get a head start on what style and color to choose. This season you have a fabulous array of colors to choose from. Green, teal, fuchsia, pink and yellow are the most popular colors of the season. Choosing a hue to match your color tone is a must for any diva girl to look her best. Cozy and snug tones of yellow, coral and pink are very superb for enhancing an all organic produced tan. While very nice colors are ordinarily matching on peach undertones.

More trends include, bold patterns like stripes and floral print, bright colors or black or white, Pinafores, prairie look new wave, slouchy style mini dresses, as well as empire waist baby-doll dresses. They are back in style again. Hair styles for Prom 2011 include all about relaxed, casual look. Prim up dos have been long replaced by long waves pinned back, braids, twists, romantic, soft up dos and messy buns. If you are unsure of any the listed above. Why not try the half-up/half-down prom hairstyles. Not everyone has long flowing hair. Why not look at the short hair trends for Prom. Short hair is sassy and sophisticated. Matched with the right dress and jewelry it can steal the show. A side note on classic prom up dos. Are you more classy than sassy, more mild than wild?

The classic prom hairstyles include mostly up dos featured on the celebrity red carpet. If up dos is just not your style. What law is written you have to go with that style? The long and wavy prom hairstyle looks very gorgeous and is a very hot trend for prom 2011.

I hope this article has helped you get a head start on some of the 2011 Prom trends. If you need a Prom Dress for 2011 to match your style please visit us.

If this has been helpful for your 2011 prom, Please check out Custom Prom Dresses to find your dream dress or have it made for you, we can make it to match any hair or color style, we make custom made dresses to order, if you dont see it,you can ask us to make it for you,

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2011 Hair Accessories For Glam Hair Styles

2011 brings really good news in fashion; replete with femininity. No matter what the weather may be, the season promises plenty of accessories to keep hair under control, looking feminine, and out of the way! Check out a few of the most interesting accessories spotted on the runways. The most stylish hair-accessories serve as the best source of inspiration for those who are eager to dress up their locks with an additional glam detail.

What’s topping the Hair Accessories?

Flower Hair Accessories
The idea that accessories should emphasize femininity seems to be dominant among hair stylists that have chosen floral hair accessories. Floral designs are extremely popular among those who are crazy both for the creativity and natural stuffs too. Also, what’s trendy for these accessories is that they also come in a variety of styles and materials -metal, elastic, ribbon, plastic and are adorned with lace, beads, jewels and bows. You can also find them adorned with exotic feathers, leaves and foliage. A great advantage of these types of hair accessories is that in many cases you can create a stylish alternative yourself.

Hair Clip

With the use of hair clips you can give a new definition to your hairstyle as well as a classy vintage touch. This trend can be easily adopted to take a simple casual hairstyle to the next level without having to turn to complex hair styling techniques. Now it’s easier to show off your refined style and charisma by embracing some of the best and stylish hair clips.

Headbands are for all ages! In order to spot the best headbands make sure you skim through the endless selection of varieties available on the market. Cheer yourself up with the cute headbands and hair bows that are perfect to pair with your messy or super-elegant locks.

The Beauty of your Locks
Immerse into the realm of sparkling accessories enhancing the beauty of your locks with a suave twist. With details such as bows, jewels, and flowers, hair-accessories are enough to turn to any simple hairstyle into one that is more elegant and sophisticated. So, prepare your look for a special event with the help of these stylish accessories and let your accessories speak for your look and graceful allure.

The style as well as the types of hair-accessories used is greatly influenced by your personality and outfit. When elegance is the dominant aspect of your outfit the hair-accessories are generally subtle while when a fashion statement is the main intention, the hair accessories can go a bit bolder.

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Hair Health – How to Have Healthy Hair, Part Two

Having healthy hair is easier once you know what effects hair and what choices you can make to support you hair in being healthy. To have healthy hair there are factors you have to consider from the inside and from the outside.

Inside factors include anything that is going on inside your body. This includes the kinds of things you are ingesting (food, beverages, thoughts), what form of release you have established (exercise, yoga, breath work, being outside, laughter, fun) and if you are in a state of health and balance. The three biggest inside factors that affect your hair are stress, hormones and medication.

Outside factors include how you treat your hair, what you do to your hair (color, straighten, blow drying), environmental factors (pollution, ozone layer, air conditioning, artificial heat, chlorine) and weather (sun, wind, humidity, cold).

In this article we are going to focus on the outside factors and what you can do to support your hair in being healthy.

How You Treat Your Hair
Begin in the shower, what shampoo and conditioner do you use? It needs to be quality. Professional products are usually best. A product with keratin and moisture does wonders for anyone with chemically treated hair. Keratin is a form of protein and protein will rebuild your hair from the inside out. Moisture will protect your hair on the surface. It is crucial to have quality products for quality hair.

If you brush your hair when wet, switch to a comb. Hair is most elastic when wet, and if your hair is weak or vulnerable, it can overstretch and break when it’s wet. Just take care. Combing is more forgiving.

Next, use product in your hair if you plan on using any kind of heat. Product will help protect your hair. If you are blow drying, put your product on, then finish getting ready or eat breakfast and let your hair air dry for a bit. When you do blow dry, start on warm to get your hair 70 to 90 percent dry, then switch to hot heat. Use the heat as a styling tool, to give your hair a finished, polished look.

Don’t wash your hair everyday. This is super for your scalp and hair. You can use hair power and a quick freshening spray on your non-wash days, in combination with a quick blow dry on hot, to reshape your hair. Over time, this will make a huge impact of the health of your hair. Less washing means less styling. Less styling is less wear and tear on your hair.

What You Do To Your Hair
If you color or straighten your hair it is important to give back to your hair. You need to do all that we have just covered, not as an option, but as a practice of how to treat your hair. Also ask your stylist about gloss for coloring. It is safe and effective and feels wonderful. Your hair will shine.

Environmental Factors
Be aware of the environmental factors you can control. Nourish your hair with oils if you are in artificial heat or air.

Weather Factors
Put fresh water in your hair, then conditioner, then a cap on if you are getting in chlorinated water. Treat you hair to a deep conditioning treatment if you live in an area with extreme weather. Wear hats if you are out in the sun or cold.

Now that you know what factors affect your hair you can make choices to be nice to your body from the inside. Use quality products to nourish and protect your hair from heat, weather and daily life. Don’t wash everyday and take care to take care.

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