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Bridal Hair Trend: Braids

Every bride needs that perfect hairstyle to complete her look. Bridal hairstyles go in and out of fashion just like wedding gowns. Get the scoop on one of the hottest bridal hair trends these days: braids.

What is the appeal of braids? Well, for one thing, they are quite versatile. They can be loose and bohemian or polished and sophisticated. Braids are a great way to add texture to a classic hairdo or to tame long wavy hair on a hot summer day. They work for pretty much any hair texture other than very curly hair. Some of the braided hairstyles are also easy enough that a friend could do them if you will not be using a professional hairstylist for your wedding.

The simplest braid design is to pull back all of the hair into a low loose braid. The trend for this kind of braid is relaxed and beachy, so the hair should be pulled back softly around the face. Allow the natural texture of your hair to be seen, particularly if it is wavy. This look has been sported by celebrities like Nicole Kidman as well as brides, and it tends to look best when the braid is done a bit off center. Play up the bohemian nature of this soft hairstyle with large dangly earrings as part of your crystal bridal jewelry set.

Another gorgeous way to wear braids is as a part of a polished knot. The stylist creates a small braid on either side of the head. Those braids lead into a formal knot style at the back of the head. If you like a more understated look, the knot can be down by the nape of the neck or make more of a statement by placing the knot more in the center back of the head. A crystal and rhinestone spray on a comb will look incredible tucked into the side of this sophisticated hairdo. Choose a comb that complements the details of your crystal bridal jewelry, from delicate to more elaborate.

Yet another variation on a braided wedding hairstyle is to pull the hair back with a slight lift at the crown. Secure into a ponytail. Then take sections of the ponytail and create numerous smaller braids. Those braids are then wrapped into a classic knot style at the back of the head. It gives a great texture to a timeless style and is ideal for almost any wedding, from casual to formal. This hairstyle is particularly well suited to brides who have very long hair, because the stylist will have plenty to work with (and it helps to get all that long hair under control). I must admit to being partial to this bridal hairstyle, because it is how I wore my hair for my wedding!

If you wish to make the braids more of the focus of the hairdo, another take on the current trend is to braid each side of the hair completely, and then wrap the braids around the head. When done towards the crown of the head, it does have a bit of that “Swiss Miss” look, but there is a certain vintage appeal to it. Wrap the braids further back for to get away from the Heidi look. Either way, it is a very angelic and sweet hairstyle for a bride. A scattering of hairpins will complement the wreath-like effect nicely.

Just as beachy waves were a couple of years ago, braids are now the go-to style for brides in the know. The great news is that with so many variations you can create a look that is unique and suits the style of your wedding gown beautifully.

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How to Choose the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

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Since I wrote a post about this season’s hottest hair colors, I thought I’d it follow it up with an informative post about how to actually choose the right hair color for your skin tone (thanks to a fellow reader!). Whether you’re a natural blonde, brunette, or redhead, you can pretty much change to any hair color as long as you follow some strict guidelines.


All complexions consist of two skin tone categories: warm skin tones and cool skin tones.


If you have a yellow or golden undertone, you fall under the warm category. Therefore, hair colors that have a warm undertone will look much better on you than a cool undertone color. So how can you tell if you have a warm skin tone? Simply look at the veins in your arms in the day light. If the veins appear to be green, then your complexion is warm.And don’t forget that this rule doesn’t only apply to hair but everything else in between such as makeup and clothing!


If you have pink or blue skin undertones, you have a cool skin tone. This means that hair colors with cool undertones will look better on you. To see if your skin tone is cool, take a look at the veins in your arms during daylight and if they are blue, then you have a cool complexion.





– If you’re dying your hair for the first time, head to your local salon for better results. Plus, they’ll be able to match you with your perfect hair color.

– If you’re a pro at dying your hair at home (you’ve done it a few times), don’t forget that all dye boxes now tell you whether the color is warm or cool.

– There are always exceptions to the rules, such as combining warm and cool tones and using them as dimensional colors, but again, I would suggest you get this done by a professional

– Can’t figure out what your skin tone is? As a rule of thumb, most people are actually cool toned.


Sweet Summer Updo Hairstyles

Hair. Most women can’t live with it, and they certainly can’t live without it. It seems that every woman has complaints about their own hair. Straight-haired women long for luscious curls and curly-haired women long for sleek, straight locks. However, when summer comes around, everyone tries to find a way to keep their hair up, out of their faces and off their necks, especially for those fancy, summer evening soirees and nights out on the town. The solution to all of this is finding yourself the perfect summer updo hairstyles that flatter your face shape, hair type and outfit. Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

For curly-haired dames, a great updo hairstyle idea is the textured coif. This way, you don’t have to fight your unruly curls or frizz from the summer humidity. Just pin your curls up with several bobby pins or hair plaits low on the back of your neck. Use a little bit of hairspray to keep the curls in place, and you have a ready-made, elegant, flapper-girl coif to compliment your curls.

Another option when it comes to updo hairstyles for summer is the undone bun. This is perfect for all types of hair and requires very little effort. All you have to do is gather all your hair up, pull it back and pin it up in a high bun. Then, take a few well-placed strands out of the bun and let them hang down sort of messily (but chic) around your face. You can rock this updo after a day at the beach or while dressing yourself up for a fancy evening out.

If you have long, sleek, stick-straight hair, then a great option for you is the ballerina bun. Prep your hair with anti-frizz, straightening serum, and then gather it all up high on the back of your head and slowly twist it into a bun. The key to this look is eliminating all the frizz, so spray the bun with some hairspray to keep the top flat and frizz-less. With every strand perfectly in place, the ballerina bun will show off your beautiful face.

For curly-haired women or straight-haired gals, the ponytail is always a classic fallback option, though it is definitely one of the simpler updo hairstyles. Pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail. A low ponytail that cascades down the side of your shoulder is elegant, but if you want to draw focus to a nice pair of earrings or a necklace, pull the hair up into a higher one. Variations on the ponytail include side-swept bangs, or clipping your bangs back for a poof on top of your head. Once again, use hairspray or serum to control the frizz.

Last but not least, curly-haired or straight-haired women can always rock a side braid. Brush your hair out, and pull it elegantly into one long braid on one side of your head. If loose, shorter strands fall out of the braid and hang around your face, it only adds to the effortless elegance of the look. The side-braid is great for a daytime look, but can also be easily glammed up for an evening event.

This summer, there are endless possibilities in updo hairstyles, no matter what type of hair you have, or what your personal style is. Experiment will all of these ideas and more!

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Tips in Obtaining Healthy Hair

A lot of people want to have healthy hair that would look great and stylish. After all, the hair is also an important part that would improve people’s look and appearance. There’s no using having beautiful and astonishing facial and body appearance with shabby, dry, or greasy hair. People wouldn’t be impressed with such look because such appearance would mean poor maintenance.

Here are several healthy hair tips, which can be done by everyone, in obtaining great hair. These steps are simple and easy to do.

* When people experience damaged hair or split ends, there’s no other ways except cutting it. When people maintain their damaged hair, they only risk worsening the hair condition. The split ends won’t go away, no matter how hard they try and whatever products they use. They need to start over and start a new beginning with new style.

* Once they start off with new look, they need to have regular trim. It’s better to do it once a month so that the hair condition will be kept well.

* If they have greasy kind of hair, they shouldn’t wash it every day. It would even make the condition get worse if they do it every day. When they wash their hair on daily basis, they would trigger the sebum glands to produce more oil, which in the end would make the hair even greasier.

* Avoid using any products with chemical substance if they experience damaged hair. Go for natural ingredient. Also avoid using hair styling products as such hair dryer or curling iron to prevent further damage. Start using more natural way in drying the hair: let it dry by itself.

* If they suffer from damaged hair, don’t often bind the hair or style it in up-do model. Binding or tightening the hair would cause break and cause further damage. It’s better to let the hair let loose.

* It’s better to use separate shampoo and conditioner. When they apply the conditioner, they should do it starting on the root and then on the hair strands only, not on the scalp. If they apply it on the scalp, it would make the scalp greasy.

* When the hair is wet, they shouldn’t comb it right away. Hair would easily fall off, especially in wet condition. They should also use comb with wider teeth. They should start to comb the hair from strands and then move to the root.

* Avoid extreme diets because the hair won’t get enough nutrients from the required food.

* It’s a good idea to consume vegetable, dairy products, and drink a lot of water every day so that they could get the nutrients needed by the hair.

People should keep doing the tips above and they could drastically change their condition in no time.

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The Hottest Summer Hairstyle Trends for 2011

As a season marked by fashion revivals, it’s no surprise that some of the hottest hair trends for the summer of 2011 happen to be updated versions of classic styles. Much of this is driven by celebrities who sometimes take inspiration from the fashion trends of yesteryear. As such, here are some of the most popular cuts and hair colors for the hottest months of the year.

Long hair is always popular, but this year the way it is styled will take precedence over the way it is cut. For example, first appearing on various fashion runways this spring, the summer beehive is back in vogue, albeit a bit more relaxed than its predecessor. Jennifer Lopez was one of the first celebrities to sport the updated beehive this year.

Another new trend for long hair this summer is the braided topknot. Combining two popular hair trends of the past three years, the braided topknot recently appeared on the Sass and Bide spring runway to compliment their summer tribal fashion line. While some styles combine multiple braids, the basic hairstyle consists of a single French braid running up the back of the hair, finished off with a messy topknot. Many celebrities have sported variations of this hairstyle recently.

For a more casual long hair look, the double hair knot is a soft, summery look that is perfect for almost any facial shape. The look is essentially an undone braid sitting at the nape of the neck, and incorporates elements of texture and contour to maintain a fresh look.

Medium hair has been dominated by long bobs, but summer 2011 styles will feature a twist on the outgrown bob – literally. Loose waves that just graze the shoulders will add a feminine sophistication to your hairstyle. Bobs with loose waves and enhanced volume can be done in both fully stylized as well as more relaxed varieties, offering something for just about every woman.

Extremely short hair will be another trend in 2011, with the pixie crop emerging as the favored short hairstyle. Celebrities like Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan have sported this look in the past, but unlike 2010’s pixie cut, which was long in the front and short in the back, this style is daringly short all over.

Full, bold bangs will also be in vogue this year. One popular variation involves pairing this style with a sleek bob, and all lengths and styles of hair have seen the reemergence of the fringe. Long and oval face shapes are best suited for these bangs.

Colors can be as extreme as the summer temperatures, and two of the most popular shades at the moment are vibrant red and pale blond colors. The rarity of these colors adds to their appeal, and in general the best shades should be bold without appearing unnatural. Both of these colors look especially great on women with fair complexions.

With as much variety for hair as there is for fashion, the summer of 2011 should prove to be a fun-filled season of experimentation for fashion divas everywhere.

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Wedding Updo Ideas Worth Knowing For Your Special Day

For women, their wedding day counts as one of the most important in their life. And for this reason, every little detail about the event is meticulously planned. After all, you only want it to happen once. And one of the most important considerations in a wedding is the bride’s wedding updo. For whatever reason, it’s one of the things that is spent a lot of time on. If you are walking down the aisle soon and you still haven’t figured out what wedding updo you are going to have, here are some tips and ideas tht are worth knowing.

Brides with long hair have a lot of options to explore when it comes to their wedding hairstyle. Depending on the style of their wedding gown, and the overall theme of the wedding, they can either let their hair gracefully down, or put it up in an elegant bun complete with hair accessories. If you are wearing a nice and sleek backless gown, it’s obviously better to keep your hair up so that you will be able to show off the style of your wedding gown, and your sexy back. On the other hand, if you are opting for a minimalist wedding theme, you might want to do the same to your hair and avoid intricate wedding updo with a lot of knots. Believe me, you won’t want your hair to attract more attention than you.

Brides with short hair may think that they have fewer options for a fantastic wedding updo, but that’s not the case at all. Just think that having short hair is a perfect chance for you to use fantastic hair accessories to make your hair more fabulous. You can either use barrettes or even flowers to style your hair. If you have shoulder-length hair, you can have gorgeous loose curls that fall radiantly at the side of your face.

There are a lot of styles that you could try for your wedding updo. If the big day is still months ahead, you could take the time to experiment on a hairstyle so could have sort of a dryrun for your wedding hairstyle. Whatever hairstyle you choose to wear, the important thing is to make sure that it goes with your wedding gown and with the overall theme of the wedding.

If you want more information about wedding updo ideas, here is a page that you could learn from.

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Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair With a Few Easy Steps

Here are a few basic tips in order to rejuvenate your hair if it has become dull and lifeless or damaged due to over styling. By following these steps you can keep your tresses looking and feeling healthier at all times.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your locks is to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Eating poorly, smoking and stress can end up damaging your follicles and preventing the essential nutrients from reaching where they need to get to. A healthy body means healthier hair.

Getting a proper nights rest will help rejuvenate your hair. When you sleep your body uses this time to restore your bodies’ immune systems levels which lead to healthier hair. Sleep deprived people have been proven to have weaker immune systems which can lead to some hair loss conditions so make sure you are getting plenty of rest.

Hair products that are made with alcohol can dry out and damage your hair so if there is not alcohol based product you should use that in order to minimize the drying out of your hair on a repeated basis. You should also try to avoid applying styling products directly to your scalp as they can block your hair follicles and inhibit hair growth.

Using a blow dryer excessively can damage your hair as well by over drying it. Try not to blow dry your hair in one spot for more than a few seconds and instead using a back and forth motion and a comb in order to dry your hair more effectively without damaging one particular spot. If you have the time then you should towel dry your hair to get the excess moisture out of your hair and then run your fingers through your hair to straighten it and then let it air dry. That way you will do the least damage to your hair follicles.

Always comb your hair gently and be careful when combing wet hair as this is when your hair is at its most vulnerable. Try to let your hair almost completely dry before running a comb through it. Try to use combs and brushes that have soft bristles such as ones made from natural animal hair and use combs that have widely spaced bristles to lessen the strain on your hair.

Buy shampoo and conditioners that work best for your hair type so you will receive the maximum benefit from each time you wash it. Use warm water to wash your hair as water that is too hot can damage your hair quite a bit. As to frequency you should wash your hair as often is necessary to keep it clean and healthy looking. If you have oily hair you can wash it daily and if you have dry hair then you can wash it 2-3 times a week as needed. A general rule for any hair is to wash it every other day but you will have to judge for yourself how often your own hair requires washing but every other day is fine for most hair types.

You should wash your hair as often as you feel necessary to keep it clean, but a general rule is for oily hair you should wash it every day or every other day and for dry hair only wash it 2-3 times a week.

When using any styling tools to create your styles make sure they are of good quality so they won’t excessively damage your hair when you use them. Ensure that they have some sort of heat control mechanism and that they don’t get excessively hot.

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