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How To: Easy Waterfall Braid Tutorial

From the moment Pinterest introduced me to this slightly disheveled romantic look last year, I’ve been trying to figure out how the heck to get my hands on an easy waterfall braid hairstyle tutorial. Finally, enlightenment: This month, we convinced Davines hairstylistChristine Zilinski to create the look on Birchbox editor Meredith’s hair. As it turns out, this soft, braided style is much easier than it looks. If you’ve mastered the French braid and are getting a little bored with the fishtail braid, the waterfall braid should be next on your list to try. Here’s how you do it:

1) Pick three sections of hair near your temple and begin braiding as if you were doing a French braid.

2) Once you cross the top section of your hair over, drop that piece so it hangs.

3) Pick up another piece of hair from the bottom to replace the dropped section.

4) Continue adding hair to the top section as well, as you would add to a French braid.

Watch this video to see the braid in action and learn how to finish the style.



How To: Sock Bun Hair Tutorial in 5 Easy Steps

Move over topknot, there’s a new bun in town. The sock bun—which uses a sock rolled into a doughnut shape to form the shape of the style—is everywhere these days. And for good reason: It’s a classy, glamorous look that just so happens to be a cinch to create (with a little practice and our hair tutorial).

What you’ll need:

One sock or foam bun doughnut
Texturizing spray
One ponytail holder
A few bobby pins

  • Step 1: Prep your sockSock Bun Step 1

    If you’re using a foam bun doughnut, skip this step. Otherwise, take your sock and cut off the toe. Now, roll the bun from the ankle end to the toe end, creating a doughnut shape. Ideally you won’t see the sock but, just in case, use one in a similar shade to your hair color—no neons or patterns!

  • Step 2: Prep your hairSock Bun Step 2

    As with most updos, the sock bun works best with second-day hair. If your hair is clean or naturally slippery, spray a texturizing spray like Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Texture & Volume Spray all over. This will make it easier to hold the style without pins.

  • Step 3: PonytailSock Bun Step 3

    Pull your hair into a ponytail on top of your head. The sock bun looks best when it’s up high, like a top knot. Now hold the end of your pony straight up in the air, and slip the foam or sock doughnut over it.

  • Step 4: Roll the bunSock Bun Step 4

    This is where the process gets tricky—you’ll probably need to practice a few times. Hold the tip of your ponytail, which should now be just above the doughnut, and spread the ends so that they’re splayed out over the sock. At the same time, roll the sock down your pony, continuing to spread and tuck hair around the doughnut as you go. Once you get closer to the base, the process will get easier. Keep adjusting your hair to make sure it’s fully covering your sock.

  • Step 5: Set the bunSock Bun Step 5

    Once you reach the base of your pony, your bun should sit securely on the top of your head. If you need to, add a few bobby pins to secure layers. Finally, spray with a light hairspray like blowPro Blow Out Hairspray to keep flyaways in check—you’re not going for messy bed head.