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Do you love the way your hair looks?

Your hair is your biggest, best, and most permanent accessory. Love the way it looks! Last week, we posted about your 2013 hair goals. It is time to make a get-the-hair-you-want plan! The most popular hair goals are all about getting more volume, more shine, and more smoothness. Here is how:


Volume is sexy, and there is a way to get it. For this technique you will need a volumizing spray, a round brush, and large Velcro curls. Begin by applying the volumizing spray to damp hair. Use a round brush when you blow dry and pull the hair upward from the root (this part is key!).  While your hair is still warm from the blow-dry, section it off and wrap around the curlers. Allow it to cool in the curlers.  Once cool, remove the rollers and tease around the root. This will give you that extra voluminous oomph! Be sure to comb through with your fingers to finish off the look – so your locks have a gorgeous soft flow.


Frizz is smooth hair’s biggest enemy. So to get smooth hair, you must reduce frizz. The best way to reduce frizz is to lock in moisture. To get the smooth hair you have been after, you will need a moisturizing hair cream, moisturizing oil, and a round brush. Massage the cream into towel-dried hair before you blow-dry. Use the large round brush and point your hair dryer nozzle downward. Note: pointing the blow dryer in all different directions actually causes frizz because it lifts the hair cuticle. When you are finished, use the moisturizing oil on the ends of your hair. To be extra smooth, touch up your look with an anti-humidity hair spray.


Shiny hair turns heads. If it is that glossy look you are after, you will need shampoo and conditioner that is packed with vitamins and proteins. Tip: hair repair products tend to be packed with vitamins and proteins. After washing, use a leave in conditioner to protect against heat damage.  When you blow dry, you should also be pointing the nozzle down. To finish off, apply a shine enhancing spray.


With shine, volume, and smoothness you can love the way your hair looks!