Making the world beautiful 1 head at a time

Has Your Hair Taken On A Life Of Its Own?

Whether an unexpected rainstorm or a humid dry spell causes a frizzy mane, no gal wants to deal with a poof ball on her head!

There are three main causes of frizzy hair. One cause is having naturally curly hair. The second cause is due to styling, chemical and environmental damage. Ultimately, frizzy hair is the result of dehydration.

Want to eliminate frizz? Three words: Product, product, product. You must invest in quality hair products. Avoid oil-based conditioners. Use shampoos and conditioners with humectants; this will help bring moisture to your hair (Tip: leave the conditioner in a little longer than you usually do).  Additionally, you should use a serum to smooth out dry hair and control those fly-aways.

Trim your hair regularly. Split ends tend to make frizz even worse. By keeping the ends of your hair healthy and neat, you can reduce frizz.

Frankly, frizzy hair does not look good on anybody. Keeping it under control will do wonders for your appearance!


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