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How To Handle Bed Head

Going to bed with wet hair overnight doesn’t always give you glamorous results in the morning. The good news is there are a few ways to control that mane of bed head.


Sometimes overnight hair has a tendency to fall flat because of the way we are sleeping when it dries. To avoid this, apply a volumizing spray. This will help to make your hair look a little thicker. Next, pull your hair into a high ponytail and then twist into a loose bun. Note: if it is too tight it can prevent your hair from drying and can also lead to breakage. In the morning, take out your hair and use a finger comb – a brush can take out the volume you’ve created.


For some, bed head means frizz everywhere. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, giving your hair some time off from heat can do wonders for its health.  If morning frizz is a problem for you, a leave in conditioner is your best friend. Use a wide toothcomb to make sure the conditioner is evenly distributed. Divide your hair into three smaller sections. At the bottom of each section, create a pin curl. Do this by wrapping the ends up over two fingers (imagine there was a foam roller). Wrap all the way up to your roots and then secure with a hair clip to hold the curl in place.  Do this with all the hair sections. In the morning, remove the clips and lightly spray some water on your hair. This will get rid of morning static.



What Is In Your Hair Products?

Ever wonder what the deal with coconut oil is? Coconut oil contains vitamins E and K. These vitamins are often found in hair and skin products. Using coconut oil is actually like giving a huge gift to your hair. It is one of the most effective conditioners and helps in the regrowth of your hair.

The benefits of coconut oil are endless. It adds shine and body to your hair and has been proven to slow down hair loss. Regular use will keep your hair strong, nourished and create a more full look. The oil also provides extra protection from styling and environmental damages.

Moisture is the key to avoiding dry and weak hair. Coconut oil adds a layer that seals in moisture, which also contributes to a silky feel. Last but not least, coconut oil helps control dandruff.  The moisture that coconut oil provides prevents the build up of dry skin (which is the cause behind dandruff).  When using coconut oil be sure to use circular motions to scrub away dead skin.

Look for hair products that are made with coconut oil or better yet just pick up a bottle of the oil itself!


Having A Bad Bang Day?

We all have those days when our bangs drive us crazy. They may not be blow-drying just right, or you may not have time to wash and style them. There is good news. Here are some adorable ways to pin back your bangs:

If your bangs are usually swept to the side, try a side swept braid.









If your bangs just are not laying right,  try a side pompadour. This is a great way to get those bangs off your face!









If you are feeling stylish, try this simple twist down the side! It looks sophisticated yet takes less than three minutes to do!


Has Your Hair Taken On A Life Of Its Own?

Whether an unexpected rainstorm or a humid dry spell causes a frizzy mane, no gal wants to deal with a poof ball on her head!

There are three main causes of frizzy hair. One cause is having naturally curly hair. The second cause is due to styling, chemical and environmental damage. Ultimately, frizzy hair is the result of dehydration.

Want to eliminate frizz? Three words: Product, product, product. You must invest in quality hair products. Avoid oil-based conditioners. Use shampoos and conditioners with humectants; this will help bring moisture to your hair (Tip: leave the conditioner in a little longer than you usually do).  Additionally, you should use a serum to smooth out dry hair and control those fly-aways.

Trim your hair regularly. Split ends tend to make frizz even worse. By keeping the ends of your hair healthy and neat, you can reduce frizz.

Frankly, frizzy hair does not look good on anybody. Keeping it under control will do wonders for your appearance!