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Brush Perfect

We know that different hair types require different products. The same logic goes for hairbrushes too. Using the right hairbrush will make it easier for you to style your hair. Improve your hair health by making sure you are using the right brush.


If you have thick hair that needs detangling:

Use a flat paddle brush. The wide surface area allows the paddle brush to easily glide through dense strands.










If you have curls that need combing:

You have probably already discovered that taking a brush to natural curls gives you frizz! Use a comb with two sets of wide-spaced teeth instead. It won’t create frizz, and will keep your curls looking knot-free. Tip: comb your hair when it is yet and let it dry naturally.










If you have fine hair that needs volume:

Your strands are fragile. Your goal is to create as much volume as possible when you blow-dry without damaging your hair. Use a round brush that has soft boar and nylon bristles. This type of brush will reduce tension and be gentle on your locks.






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