Making the world beautiful 1 head at a time

Hair Rescue!

We have all made an “oops!” when it comes to our hair. The good news is there are some quick fixes that can help your hair emergencies. Here is a list of easy solutions for hair problems you might run into!

Hair Emergency: You have cut your bangs too short.

Quick Fix:  Wearing your bangs to the side will make your bangs look longer than they actually are.  Use some light holding gel on your bangs, sweep them to the side, and blow dry. If you aren’t ready to leave your bangs down, you can always use a bobby head to pick them up off your forehead!

Hair Emergency: Your split ends are out of control.

Quick Fix: Split ends cannot be fixed without being cut off. The solution here is to prevent further damage. Minimize the stress put on your locks by avoiding vent brushes with plastic bristles. Additionally, you should shampoo every other day and use heat-styling protectant product.

Hair Emergency: Your hair is looking dull and dry.

Quick Fix: You need moisture! Consider using a leave-in conditioner. This will add moisture and will protect your hair from environmental damage.  Be on the lookout for products that contain hydrating botanicals.


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