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Help Your Hairstyle Help You Look Younger

As you get older, your face and hair will inevitably change. So should your haircut. To give a huge boost to your overall appearance, finding the right color and cut is key!  It is important to stick with your favorite style, but you should update it in little ways. The trick is to find a hair stylist that will focus on three things: your hair texture, bone structure, and how much time you would like to spend on daily styling.  With the right hairstyle for you, you can look younger and more energized!  Here are some tips and ideas:


To create life around your face, avoid wearing your hair flat around your face. Layers and styling can help you look lively and lifted.


If your hair color mimics your skin tone, you may look washed out (especially in the winter time). To choose a more flattering color, go with a base that is two shades darker than your skin tone. This applies to natural blondes too! If you desire a lighter look, add highlights.


If you want to hide your forehead wrinkles, try eyebrow-skimming bangs. They will highlight your eyes and cover up lines.


If you want to draw attention to your cheekbones, create volume at the crown by getting layers on top. Then, when you are styling take a few light and gentle strokes with a teasing comb five inches from the hairline.


If you know you want a change, but aren’t exactly sure what to ask for. Tell your stylist what you don’t want and let her make suggestions. You can even ask for a consultation before committing to an actual hair color or cut! This way you can get some ideas, but make sure to avoid being pressured into a look that isn’t for you.  If you have a vision in mind, be detailed and specific with your ideas and bring in pictures for back up. Remember that your hair is your biggest accessory; so keeping it updated can do wonders for your look!



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