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The Natural Highlights Secret

Ditch the man-made looking streaks. You want your highlights to look natural so that only you know they came from a bottle. Here are a few tips and tricks to remember the next time you see your colorist!

Let’s talk color. To make your highlights appear natural, they should only be one to two shades lighter than your starting base color.

Location, location, location. Highlights will look natural if they are placed naturally.  Sounds simple right? It is common for colorists to start at the root and then continue to place the streaks out naturally. On the contrary, the key is actually to keep highlights super skinny! Think angle hair pasta thin. This will create a very natural look! You want your highlights to be mainly at your hairline with bright bits at the ends.  It may seem strange to leave out your roots, but check out the picture below to see how natural Jennifer Garner’s highlights look. For a natural look, its all about being brighter at the ends. Plus, by leaving out your roots you can go much longer between color appointments! Tip: if you are doing this at home, use a Q-tip to master the skinny highlights.



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