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Adorable Must Try Hairstyles – The Bun Braid

Bun or braid? How about both?

Two of your favorite hairstyles combined into one. It’s an adorable combination of the top – knot bun and the French braid. It’s the perfect way to create a laid back and comfortable up-do and look put together (plus it’s a great way to deal with those tiny hairs in the back of a neck). Another advantage to this new do? It works with all different lengths of hair. Check out the different ways to wear it.




Dress Up Your Ponytail

We all have those days we would rather just throw our hair up in a ponytail than spend the time styling it to wear down. With this ponytail trick you can avoid the extra effort, without looking like it (and hey – you still get your ponytail).

Give your ponytail a twist…and look more elegant than ever.  Spend a few minutes manipulating your strands so that there is a straight seam in the back using hairpins. It is beautiful and perfect for every occassion!


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