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Head-Turning Hair Tips

Healthy hair turns heads. Here’s how to get there –


If your hair is damaged, you need to improve its condition.  To do that, you need to create shine in your hair. Follow these tips for locks that glisten: Leave-in conditioner is your best friend. When you hair is damp, focus the leave-in conditioner on the damaged areas (usually the ends).  On top of this, you should also invest in a deep-conditioning treatment and apply it once or twice a week.  Remember that blow dryers and straightening irons may add to the damage of your hair – that is why using quality heat styling and heat protection products is crucial!



If your hair is naturally straight, maximizing shine is very easy (lucky you!). Wash and condition your hair and then blast it with a cold – water rinse for about three seconds. This actually helps seal in the conditioner, leaving your hair very easy to style! Blow dry, then use a light finishing serum and shine enhancing spray.


If your hair is curly, you need to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Also, invest in a straightening gel. After washing, detangle with a wide-toothed comb. When you are blow-drying, wrap 2 -inch sections around a round brush to straighten. Split ends in curly hair tend to be more noticeable when blow straight. To avoid this, be sure to use a finishing cream from 1 inch below the roots to the ends.  If you want to get super glossy curls: After you condition, leave a little conditioner in.  Then use a little gel on damp hair and twist into sections around your fingers, and let your hair dry naturally.


Whatever your hair type, the most important thing is to care for your hair! Maximize shine, and heads will turn.


Fabulous and Fierce Hair Trends This Fall

Ready for something new this fall?  A new season is here so it is time to ditch those summer strands. This season’s trends are edgy, bold, and dramatic. Check out this season’s hottest hairstyles – straight from the runway.

The Trend: Blunt Bangs

Straight-across fringe bangs will definitely give you an edge. These bangs are fierce and bold.











Trend: Squeaky-clean Strands

This trend is all about parting hair neatly down the side. This look is chic, together, and totally in right now. The best part about this trend is that to recreate you just need some bobby pins and styling gel.











The Trend: Retro Bouffant

Inspired by the 60s, the retro bouffant is back. This style will instantly transform your look, making you look chic and fabulous.  The bouffant is a classic! Embrace it.

Show your edge this fall and add these styles into your look!  These fall looks are fierce and fun.

The Natural Highlights Secret

Ditch the man-made looking streaks. You want your highlights to look natural so that only you know they came from a bottle. Here are a few tips and tricks to remember the next time you see your colorist!

Let’s talk color. To make your highlights appear natural, they should only be one to two shades lighter than your starting base color.

Location, location, location. Highlights will look natural if they are placed naturally.  Sounds simple right? It is common for colorists to start at the root and then continue to place the streaks out naturally. On the contrary, the key is actually to keep highlights super skinny! Think angle hair pasta thin. This will create a very natural look! You want your highlights to be mainly at your hairline with bright bits at the ends.  It may seem strange to leave out your roots, but check out the picture below to see how natural Jennifer Garner’s highlights look. For a natural look, its all about being brighter at the ends. Plus, by leaving out your roots you can go much longer between color appointments! Tip: if you are doing this at home, use a Q-tip to master the skinny highlights.


Adorable Must Try Hairstyles – The Bun Braid

Bun or braid? How about both?

Two of your favorite hairstyles combined into one. It’s an adorable combination of the top – knot bun and the French braid. It’s the perfect way to create a laid back and comfortable up-do and look put together (plus it’s a great way to deal with those tiny hairs in the back of a neck). Another advantage to this new do? It works with all different lengths of hair. Check out the different ways to wear it.




Dress Up Your Ponytail

We all have those days we would rather just throw our hair up in a ponytail than spend the time styling it to wear down. With this ponytail trick you can avoid the extra effort, without looking like it (and hey – you still get your ponytail).

Give your ponytail a twist…and look more elegant than ever.  Spend a few minutes manipulating your strands so that there is a straight seam in the back using hairpins. It is beautiful and perfect for every occassion!