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Basic Hair Care Routine for Healthy Hair

Having a beautiful and healthy mane is not a difficult goal. You just need to be consistent and positive in your intention.

Your hair needs your attention and specific care, no matter its type. Even the normal hair type needs to be treasured up in order to maintain healthy and gorgeous. Of course the problem hair will need more specific care, so you should first determine what your hair type. Then apply these hair care tips and you will manage to keep your locks precious.

Be gentle with your hair, it is your treasure.

Wash gently, with attention. While washing, treat your scalp with care and massage it all over gently with the fingertips to remove grease, sweat and pollutions.

Use mild shampoo, free of sulfates, parabens and other aggressive chemicals. The locks need a weekly special treatment – choose it according to your hair type and apply it carefully, using your fingers instead of a comb. Rinsing well is the key to the shiny mane. Rinse thoroughly and finish with cold water. Wrap your head in a towel to absorb the excess moisture.

Dry and style your hair with care. While drying and styling do not pool or yank, be as delicate as possible.
Maintain a good haircut: visit your hairdresser at least every two months to cut the ends. This will prevent your hair tips from splitting and the hair will grow stronger and faster.

Give more shine to your locks. Apply on regular basis homemade hair masks. After washing your hair, rinse at the end with water with added cider vinegar or lemon juice.

Get rid of the excess grease. Watch your diet, do not eat too much fat, do not scratch your scalp, use good quality shampoo, do not apply hair conditioner to the roots, and use water with lemon juice for the final rinsing.

Be more careful with the treated hair. If your hair is permed, dyed, or have suffered some other permanent treatment, it should be dry in most cases. A good homemade natural remedy is able to bring back the precious moisture to your locks.

Use herbal infusions to define your natural hair shade and for shine, of course. The chamomile gives lighter hues to blond hair; rosemary adds darker hues to brown hair. For red hues, use red tea infusion.

Get rid of dandruff. The battle with the dandruff is not an easy task. To succeed, you need to combine different methods. Use anti-dandruff shampoos and treatments, as well as natural homemade dandruff remedies. The infusion of fresh parsley leaves as a final scalp rinse after washing is a good homemade anti dandruff treatment.

What if you just don’t know how to care for or to style your hair?

I know how hard is to find what best works for you among the plethora of hair products and advice, but if you really want to have an outstanding mane you’ll need to learn the best tips, tricks and techniques.

They are simple to pick up and it doesn’t take much practice, you can read how to here: Long hair care.

Be consistent and your hair will become healthier and shinier. Learn more about Hair care by clicking the link.

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