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Trendy 2012 Hairstyles for Women

A woman’s hairstyle can speak volumes about her personality. Long hairstyles are a great way for women to express their individuality, while feeling attractive and trendy. Celebrities with gorgeous long locks are the envy of many women. These hot hairstyles are not exclusive to celebrities and can be worn by everyday women with the appropriate cut and some easy styling tips.

Many women wish to achieve super straight hair. For some women, getting this look is as easy as wash, dry, and go. For others, who were not born with poker-straight hair, additional work is needed to achieve this popular look. A flat iron can be used to straighten locks with the use of heat. It is advisable to first spritz the hair with a protective spray in order to reduce damage the heat can cause. If a flat iron is not available, an anti-frizz serum or laminating spray can be used to fend off flyaways and give unruly hair a sleeker look.

Complimenting a super straight look, blunt haircuts are the latest style. The blunt haircut gives long hair a very clean cut, sharp look. Among the latest in trends is cutting edgy bangs to complete the straight hair look. Bangs can be cut short or long, thick or thin. Women with a smaller forehead may prefer fuller, short bangs. Long, straight bangs that meet the eyebrows can transform an outdated look into the newest fad.

Geometric cuts are becoming more popular and offer straight styles an off kilter look. Geometric cuts can be as simple as cutting one side of the hair a bit shorter than the other. These styles are an opportunity for stylists to create a hairstyle that uniquely frames a person’s individual facial features. If a geometric cut seems a bit risky, razored angles around the face can offer a trendy addition to a long, straight style.

Wavy and tousled styles are as popular as straight styles. Sun, sand, and saltwater may not be the ideal hair treatment, yet women seem to walk the beaches with perfect, tousled locks. Beach hair, which has become popular throughout the year, can be easily achieved at home. Texturizer sprays are a great way to separate strands of hair and create beachy waves. After applying the texturizer to the hair, it is important to scrunch the hair in order to achieve the desired look.

While some women are rushing out to buy a flat iron to create straight locks, others are buying the same irons to create long, loose curls. Women have been ditching their barrel irons for straighteners that create luxurious curls. After some practice, creating curls with a flat iron is very fast and easy. Begin by dividing the hair into two sections. Starting with the back of the hair, clamp a one inch section of hair a few inches from the scalp. Next, turn the flat iron a complete 360 degrees. Lastly, loosen your grip on the iron and pull the iron straight through to the ends. Creating perfect curls is not necessary since the messy, undone look is among the latest trends.

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