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5 Tips on Growing Healthy Long Hair

Everyone has a ‘terminal hair length’. This means that given your genes, environment, and circumstances, your natural hair extension is restricted to a certain length. However, you can still learn how to grow healthy hair even if you’re not a predisposed Rapunzel.

1. Trim Damaged Ends

Before you start growing your hair, trim off the damaged sections. You can go for an extreme cut or gradually trim off the ends until everything left on your head is fresh and healthy. Trim your ends regularly to avoid further damage.

2. Keep Separate Scissors For Hair

Have a pair of scissors designated for hair, and never use those scissors for anything else. If possible, get a pair of hairstyling scissors and keep them sharp. You can trim half an inch every month, and snip off individual split ends whenever necessary. If you’re trying to get your hair longer, reduce the trims to three or four times a year.

3. Avoid Heated Appliances and Harsh Chemicals

Try not to use heated appliances or harsh chemicals which only end up damaging your hair. Air drying is best at least until you are 80% dry. You should also avoid swimming if you can, and when you do, shampoo your hair right after. Blonds are especially susceptible to chlorine in swimming pools, and you can turn an interesting shade of green, so look for blond shampoos – they’re not just a marketing gimmick.

4. Be Gentle

Always be gentle with your hair to avoid harming it. It’s a bad idea to use rubber bands, since they easily tear strands when you pull them off. Metal accessories can harm hair as well. Instead, try using a silk scarf to wrap or hold your hair. Try using combs instead of brushes, preferably wide-toothed combs. You should also use scrunchies and hair sticks as a safe alternative to plastic clips and ornaments. Comb your hair three or four times in the course of the day. It helps stop tangles that can be really difficult to get out. If you find any knots, don’t tear them out as you will damage more hair, just snip them off instead.

5. Eat Chocolate

If you are not on a diet, the best suggestion for growing healthy hair is to eat chocolate. Chocolate has a lot of sulfur, which helps keep your hair strong. But be careful that you don’t eat too much, otherwise you’ll end up with healthy hair and unwanted pounds!

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