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Hottest New Year’s Eve Fashion

This New Year’s Eve make a stunning entrance by wearing some divine fashion accessories. Your gown or dress will be the main focus of attention, however, adding some uber stylish jewelry pieces, a sublime clutch purse or a silk hand painted scarf can take your look from “stylish” to “style maven!”

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Crystals are an ingenious way to add a little extra sparkle to your look. In addition, if you are going to a formal event crystals create an air of sophistication. Swarovski crystals are one of the most coveted companies that specialize in the creation of crystal jewelry. Look for timeless pieces in complimentary colors. Some of the most beautiful crystal fashion accessories include:

1. Swarovski crystal “Bella” earrings
2. Swarovski crystal “Prime Time” bracelet
3. Swarovski crystal “Lagoon” drop necklace
4. Swarovski crystal “Piano” ring

When choosing expensive jewelry make sure to invest in pieces that you absolutely love and will wear on various special occasions or on an every day basis.

Sculptured Clutch Purses

Clutch purses are one of the hottest fashion trends of the year. Opt for something a little different and stay away from the tried and true little black clutch. Go for glam by choosing a simple yet sculptured clutch purse with pearl or beaded accessories. Here are four the of most coveted clutch purses for New Year’s Eve:

1. Jessica McClintock Satin Rosette Convertible Clutch
2. Bestseyville Evening Sequin Cheetah Bow Clutch
3. Michael Kors Sloan Clutch
4. Coach Poppy Ostrich Feather Pouch

Glamorous clutch purses are the perfect fashion accessory not only for New Year’s Eve but also for a night out with friends. These clutches can dress up any outfit including a fashion gowns, leather pant suit or even a pair of skinny jeans worn with a black tuxedo blazer.

Hand Painted Silk Scarves

A hand painted silk scarf can be used as a wrap on New Year’s Eve. When you put on your gown or dress simply drape the scarf around your shoulders for extra warmth and a touch of fashion flare. A hand painted silk scarf can also be worn loosely over your hair if the weather takes a turn for the worse during New Year’s Eve festivities.

Some of the most gorgeous and unique hand-painted silk scarves are designed by Alma Louise, Morgan Silk, Justine Wheel and Vivien Pollack. These fashion artists have created some of the most stunning and fashionable silk scarf artwork in the industry.

This New Year’s Eve create a spectacular fashion statement with several chic and stylish fashion accessories. A hand-painted silk scarf, a sculptured clutch purse and some Swarovski crystal jewelry pieces will complete your New Year’s Eve look.

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Christmas Party Updos

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s never to early to start thinking about the perfect party hairstyle. 2010 has been the year of the updo and 2011 is predicted to be the same. The red carpet saw a variety of glam and retro styles as well as sophisticated braids coupled with half up and half down looks.

If you want to really turn heads at that highly anticipated work party or fancy Christmas gathering, then consider the half updo with braids or a messy spontaneous look. There are plenty of online publications or print magazines to find inspirations so take the time to do some research. Many of the so-called “fabulous” looks styled by celebrities can easily be replicated at home.

If you go with a messy or half updo, consider adding a mini braid or two and placing behind the ear. A small braid across the top can also add an elegant touch to a seemingly normal updo.

One important aspect to consider is your face shape and matching it to the updo. Not every updo goes with every face shape. If you are unsure of your face shape, then consult with a hairdresser or talk to your friends.

You will want to stand out at the Christmas party and your hairstyle will dictate your appearance. An updo can be catered to the event, whether it be business casual or black tie formal. Feel free to add an accessory or two for added effect. Perhaps a festive ribbon or bow or even a bit of mistletoe will surely get the attention you deserve!

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5 Tips on Growing Healthy Long Hair

Everyone has a ‘terminal hair length’. This means that given your genes, environment, and circumstances, your natural hair extension is restricted to a certain length. However, you can still learn how to grow healthy hair even if you’re not a predisposed Rapunzel.

1. Trim Damaged Ends

Before you start growing your hair, trim off the damaged sections. You can go for an extreme cut or gradually trim off the ends until everything left on your head is fresh and healthy. Trim your ends regularly to avoid further damage.

2. Keep Separate Scissors For Hair

Have a pair of scissors designated for hair, and never use those scissors for anything else. If possible, get a pair of hairstyling scissors and keep them sharp. You can trim half an inch every month, and snip off individual split ends whenever necessary. If you’re trying to get your hair longer, reduce the trims to three or four times a year.

3. Avoid Heated Appliances and Harsh Chemicals

Try not to use heated appliances or harsh chemicals which only end up damaging your hair. Air drying is best at least until you are 80% dry. You should also avoid swimming if you can, and when you do, shampoo your hair right after. Blonds are especially susceptible to chlorine in swimming pools, and you can turn an interesting shade of green, so look for blond shampoos – they’re not just a marketing gimmick.

4. Be Gentle

Always be gentle with your hair to avoid harming it. It’s a bad idea to use rubber bands, since they easily tear strands when you pull them off. Metal accessories can harm hair as well. Instead, try using a silk scarf to wrap or hold your hair. Try using combs instead of brushes, preferably wide-toothed combs. You should also use scrunchies and hair sticks as a safe alternative to plastic clips and ornaments. Comb your hair three or four times in the course of the day. It helps stop tangles that can be really difficult to get out. If you find any knots, don’t tear them out as you will damage more hair, just snip them off instead.

5. Eat Chocolate

If you are not on a diet, the best suggestion for growing healthy hair is to eat chocolate. Chocolate has a lot of sulfur, which helps keep your hair strong. But be careful that you don’t eat too much, otherwise you’ll end up with healthy hair and unwanted pounds!

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5 Min UpDo’s and Holiday Specials

Here is a quick and easy way for us women who have curly hair to put up our hair for holiday parties!


Here are my Holiday Specials