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17 Top Tips for Great Holiday Hair

When you are away from home in a different climate your hair will be subjected to weather it is not used to.

Your hair needs to be protected in the same way that you do with your skin. UV rays are very harmful to your hair affecting the pigment, strength, shine and vitality.

For your skin you take with you cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen and after-sun lotions so for your hair take shampoo, conditioner, hair sunscreen and styling products.

Cold Climate

1. Cold temperatures weaken your hair and susceptible to damage. Flyaway hair tends to be subject to static. Hair should be well conditioned and protected by wearing a hat.

2. If you have frizzy hair use a leave-in conditioner and take a deep moisturizing mask with you on holiday. All hair types will benefit from using a heat protection spray and serum to keep the elements out and keep the moisture in.

Humid climate

3. Hair expands just like it does when it is wet in a humid climate. This will make your hair fluffy or if it is curly, frizzy.

4. For all hair types, a pre-holiday deep conditioning treatment is a must to nourish the hair and seal the cuticles, as you want to prevent excess moisture from entering the hair shaft.

5. If you have fine hair use a light leave-in conditioner from mid-way down the hair to the ends and use a serum to seal the ends after blow-drying, being careful not to overdo the serum on fine hair.

6. If you have curly and/or frizzy hair then you need to seal the cuticle (the outside of your hair) to minimize the additional frizziness that results in humid weather.

7. Use a leave-in conditioner very morning. Use an anti-frizz serum to coat and seal the cuticle.

Hot and dry climate

8. The sun strips the hair of its natural oils and dry heat increases this effect. UV rays attack your hair and the resulting free radicals damage the hair. The weakened cuticle causes the hair to become dehydrated, allows the bleaching and fading of the color pigment as well as split ends.

9. To protect your hair 100% from sun damage wear a hat!

10. Deep conditioning your hair before your holiday is essential.

11. If you have fine hair use a wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and use a light leave-in conditioner with UV protection. Use a sun-protection spray containing a UV filter to screen your hair from the effects of the sun and seawater and re-apply after going in the sea.

12. If you have curly hair use a moisturizing shampoo and a leave-in conditioner to minimize dryness. Apply a nourishing hair mask whilst you are away to deep condition your hair. Use a sun-protection spray containing a UV filter to screen your hair from the effects of the sun and seawater and re-apply after going in the sea.

13. If you have frizzy hair use a sun-protection spray containing a UV filter to screen your hair from the effects of the sun and seawater and re-apply after going in the sea.Use a rich leave-in conditioner with UV protection each morning and apply a hair mask every other day during the holiday.

14. When you have been swimming in the sea always wash the salt out afterwards.

15. Chlorine from the swimming pool is extremely damaging when combined with the effects of the sun, wet your hair in the shower before hand and protect your hair with a leave-in conditioner preferably one containing a UV filter. Wash your hair thoroughly after swimming.

16. Hair grips and bands are an extremely useful item to have on holiday and offer a quick-fix solution for hair care problems.

17. Don’t forget your travel plug to ensure that you can still use your hairdryer and other electric hairstyling equipment whilst abroad.

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Fast and Easy UpDo’s ~ How to Curl Your Hair

I wanted to share with you a easy way to do your hair for the holidays!

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Essential Health Care Tips To Keep Hair Beautiful In The Winter

Winter weather means dryer hair and scalp. There are essential health care tips to keep hair beautiful in the winter though. No one has to suffer from a dry, flaky and itchy scalp. Brittle hair can be combated. Winter weather is dryer than any other time of the year. That dryness sucks the life out of hair and the natural oils out of the scalp, which is what causes hair to break and flaky scalp.

The first of the essential health care tips to keep hair beautiful in the winter is to avoid daily shampooing. Shampoos are known to wash away the scalps natural oils which are needed to keep it healthy and keep it from drying out. These natural oils also help keep hair looking shiny and healthy. Instead of shampooing daily, shampoo only once every other day, or less. There are dry shampoos that can be used in between regular washing times.

For those that suffer from dry scalp, or dandruff, beautiful hair can be achieved with the use of dandruff shampoos. Look for ingredients like zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, salicylic acid and coal tar. Use these shampoos as directed on the bottle, for best results. Another ingredient in shampoos and conditioners that can help stop itching and dryness is tea tree oil.

Always use conditioner after shampooing. This will help keep hair healthy and beautiful by replacing some of the natural oils that have been washed out during shampooing. Conditioner also makes hair easier to comb and/or brush through, which can help prevent breakage. For dryer winter hair use a leave in conditioner as well. Leave in conditioner are lighter in weight than regular conditioners, so they don’t need to be rinsed after application.

Another one of the essential health care tips to keep hair beautiful in the winter is to avoid using curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers during this time of the year. These only dry the hair out more. Though a leave in conditioner can help add some moisture back after heating the hair, it is best to find hair care products specifically made to give the hair heat protection.

Hair benefits greatly from brushing. Brushing from scalp to ends for at least ten minutes each night helps spread the healthy oils from the scalp through the hair, which can help make it softer and keep it looking shinier and healthier, especially in the winter. The natural oils from the scalp help keep hair from breaking too. During the winter hair can get very dry and brittle and can easily break, even just by laying down. Because hats can damage dry and brittle hair too, it is important to do everything possible to keep hair moist and healthy in the winter.

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Fall and Winter 2011 Hairstyle Trends

We are now officially into the fall season and it definitely gets exciting especially with a lot of events and holidays that will certainly pack our schedules. As we update all of our fall pieces in the closet, we also pay attention to new trendy hairstyles that will definitely accentuate our outfits. Here are some Fall/Winter 2011 hairstyle trends that will surely give you a lot of ideas this season.

1. Elegant Updos

Updos definitely lend a classic edge to your look. Whether it’s just for a casual day out or partying the night away with your friends, this hairstyle will never go wrong. I’d suggest that you go for a messy bun. It creates such a fun and carefree vibe while maintaining it’s elegance. You can achieve this look by curling your hair into waves, gather them up and twist them into a bun. Secure them with bobby pins. For that added oomph, pin them with pretty hair accessories.

2. Braids

This kind of hairstyle is definitely effortless and it gives you that carefree boho vibe that will make you look more put together. You can use just a regular, casual braid placed at the side or you can go all out and create different looks with it. No matter what your preferences are, this hairstyle will definitely give you a sophisticated edge.

3. Heavy Bangs

Bangs have surely made such a great comeback this year. Channel out the inner Cleopatra in you and give your hairstyle a really pretty makeover. Depending on the structure of your face, you can go from heavy fringes or opt for elegant side swept bangs. This kind of hairstyle will definitely frame your face and it will give an exciting kick to your personality.

4. Ponytails

Ponytails are one of the widely used hairstyles this season. It’s definitely a hairstyle that would literally take you just seconds to do. You can go for an elegant ponytail or you can take it higher for an easy breezy feel. If you want a hairstyle that can give you the illusion of a slimmer face, high ponytails are your best bet.

5. Center Parting

Another hairstyle that has recently made a comeback is the center parting. This is a great alternative if you just want to keep your hair sleek and elegant. This kind of hairstyle will also make your face look thinner.

6. Short Hair

If you have the bone structure, try cutting your hair short. Pixie cuts go well with this season’s androgynous trend. It will give you such a unique edge to your look that you’ll definitely keep tongues wagging.

These Fall/Winter Hairstyle Trends will surely keep you look elegant and fuss free this season. Try some of this looks now and I’ll guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with this!

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Quick and Easy Updo Hairstyles for Women With Shorter Hair

A well-styled short hair updo can look fantastic on the right woman. Shorter hair often makes the styling process easier, as it allows you to “style and go” and then continue on with your daily life. An awesome short hair updo can make you look and feel younger, as well as boost your confidence. You will feel sexy while also saving time and money.

Although shorter hair is ideal for day-to-day life, when looking for a style for special occasions, having this length of hair can sometimes seem like a challenge. You will want the perfect updo that takes you from a casual daytime look to one which resonates with evening glam. Creating height and volume with the updo is essential for shorter hair, as this will bring more life to it. The most important thing to make any updo work with short hair is to have imagination and creativity. Good products will also help to complete the look you are aiming for.

For example, piling your hair onto the top of your head and creating a pseudo-bun style will make you look great, and having a few random pieces of hair casually fall around your face can add to the look. This kind of short messy hair is great if used with good hair products, and it is a style that is being seen more and more on the runway thanks to its ease of creation. This category of hair updo is fun, fresh and very easy to style, and is appropriate for a wide variety of occasions.

Another example of an easy-to-create shorter hair updo involves taking random parts of your hair, twisting them, and securing them with clips. Obviously hairclips and similar hair accessories are very important when trying to achieve this kind of look. Placing the perfect clip or band in your hair will allow you to achieve the style you want whilst concurrently introducing an element of color into the style. You can also use rollers and a curling iron to increase the amount of volume in your hair. Different size rollers can be used to give your hair a variety of appearances, which is great when creating a new style.

In the final analysis, choosing the perfect updo for short hair may take some practice, but remember there are no rules when it comes to hairstyles. You can create any look you want, and feel comfortable with it. Practice is the essential element when trying to decide what updo you want to create. Although the style may differ every time you attempt it, this is part of the fun of trying out new styles. The bottom line is that having short hair is not necessarily a disadvantage; in fact, it can offer you many different options!

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