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How to Style My Hair – 7 Tips to Hair Styling

Our hair is the most noticeable part of our body because it gives your face a distinct look depending on your hair style. We can easily change our looks by having a different hair style. How to style my hair? That is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hair styling. Important reminders to remember when styling your hair are very simple and very easy to follow.

Tip 1

The first thing to do in styling your hair is to prepare the products that you will need in styling. You may need the following things: – pomade, hair dryer, flat iron, curl iron, mousse and round brushes (large and small ones).

Tip 2

You must know what type of hair style you want for your hair. Magazines and pictures of hair styles can be a big help.

Tip 3

The most effective time to start styling your hair is after taking a shower or after rinsing your hair. While your hair is still wet, it is very easy to style it because as you blow dry your hair it is more manageable.

Tip 4

If your aim is having straight hair, I recommended that you use a flat iron while brushing it with a round brush. The CHI is a very effective tool to use in straightening your hair.

Tip 5

While brushing your hair, don’t forget to do it in an inward motion (twisting the brush inward/downward) to avoid frizzies and fly aways.

Tip 6

If your aim is something more stylish, you can use pomade or mousse to get the best results. Styling your hair in layers is very effective, it may take a little bit longer for you but it will have a good result based on the time you put into it. Styling by layers while applying pomade or mousse will create a layered effect on your hair. Do some small flips in your hair by doing this. It will create a natural effect on your hair style and it will make your look face younger.

Tip 7

Just in case you have curly hair, it is important that you shampoo your hair before starting to style it. Your hair will be smoother and softer which will be easier to style. In styling curly hair, you should follow the wave of your hair and do not force it into a style that it doesn’t adapt to. Forcing it into a style that is won’t adapt to will create a haggard or odd look. At first the hair may adapt but as it stays longer it will curl back into its desired way to be styled. The best way is to follow its natural curl and there are a lot of ways on how to do that.

How to style your hair is very easy but can sometimes seem complicated. It can seem complicated because if you don’t style your hair naturally you won’t get the look you desire.

If you ask someone, “How should I style my hair?” You could get many possible answers. Styling your hair is something natural, it depends on how you like it to look… and each individual has unique tastes. The best thing to do is to follow these tips and reminders and modify them with your own taste and desire.

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