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Is It Time To Update Your Hairstyle?

It can be so easy to get yourself into a hairstyle rut and not even realize it. For many people, once they have found the hairstyle they like, they never want to change it or even consider changing it. Although it is true there are certain hairstyles for everyone, there is nothing wrong with mixing it up a little bit. If you do not want to change your cut altogether, there are tons of great quick fix methods and accessories you can use which can recreate your old hairstyle into something chic and trendy in seconds!

Using accessories may be all you need to update your hairstyle. You can choose from great and unique headbands, ribbons, barrettes and any type of clips can be used to pull back your hair in different and unique ways. It may be time for you to get rid of that tired old ponytail and try something new! Whether you have a short bob, long wavy hair or short hair, there are always new things you can do to update it. You are never forced to make a huge change if you like your cut, keep it, just keep it new and updated with the times to keep your face looking fresh and young. For those of you who are looking for a total overhaul now is the time! It is a great idea to do a little bit of research before going to talk to your hairstylist of choice. The hairstyles are constantly changing but if you are looking for the absolute hottest and trendiest styles of 2008 you can count on the spin straight look as well as the short bob. These two styles can create both a chic and fashionable look as well as practical for everyday work and life! It is important to be aware of how these chic hairstyles flatter your facial shape as this can make the difference between a successful hairstyle and one that simply hangs and does nothing for you. Once you have made your decision, you should always check with your hairstylist and get their professional opinion before you take the leap and completely change your look of the past.

Another alternative you have to update your hairstyle is to simply change your part. Imagine how easy it is to completely change your look by simply changing your part from one side to another or eliminating it altogether? This means that you don’t have to make any huge changes by getting a completely new style, you only have to work with what you have and every small change counts. It takes just a few seconds in the morning to completely change your look for the day and you can keep it for a week a month or change it again the very next day!

When you have had a particular hairstyle for quite sometime, it can become so easy to slip into this rut and never change a thing and wear it the same way each and everyday. What you may not realize is that you don’t have to get a new haircut to update your hairstyle. The style itself can be changed with a few accessories, some new curls, different parts, a new color or highlights and even a simple hair band! The hairstyle variety is so large that you can literally have a new hairstyle each and everyday if you wanted to. Take the time to be creative with your hairstyle and you will find that you are no longer out of date but chic and stylish in just a few seconds!

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Sweet Summer Updo Hairstyles

Hair. Most women can’t live with it, and they certainly can’t live without it. It seems that every woman has complaints about their own hair. Straight-haired women long for luscious curls and curly-haired women long for sleek, straight locks. However, when summer comes around, everyone tries to find a way to keep their hair up, out of their faces and off their necks, especially for those fancy, summer evening soirees and nights out on the town. The solution to all of this is finding yourself the perfect summer updo hairstyles that flatter your face shape, hair type and outfit. Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

For curly-haired dames, a great updo hairstyle idea is the textured coif. This way, you don’t have to fight your unruly curls or frizz from the summer humidity. Just pin your curls up with several bobby pins or hair plaits low on the back of your neck. Use a little bit of hairspray to keep the curls in place, and you have a ready-made, elegant, flapper-girl coif to compliment your curls.

Another option when it comes to updo hairstyles for summer is the undone bun. This is perfect for all types of hair and requires very little effort. All you have to do is gather all your hair up, pull it back and pin it up in a high bun. Then, take a few well-placed strands out of the bun and let them hang down sort of messily (but chic) around your face. You can rock this updo after a day at the beach or while dressing yourself up for a fancy evening out.

If you have long, sleek, stick-straight hair, then a great option for you is the ballerina bun. Prep your hair with anti-frizz, straightening serum, and then gather it all up high on the back of your head and slowly twist it into a bun. The key to this look is eliminating all the frizz, so spray the bun with some hairspray to keep the top flat and frizz-less. With every strand perfectly in place, the ballerina bun will show off your beautiful face.

For curly-haired women or straight-haired gals, the ponytail is always a classic fallback option, though it is definitely one of the simpler updo hairstyles. Pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail. A low ponytail that cascades down the side of your shoulder is elegant, but if you want to draw focus to a nice pair of earrings or a necklace, pull the hair up into a higher one. Variations on the ponytail include side-swept bangs, or clipping your bangs back for a poof on top of your head. Once again, use hairspray or serum to control the frizz.

Last but not least, curly-haired or straight-haired women can always rock a side braid. Brush your hair out, and pull it elegantly into one long braid on one side of your head. If loose, shorter strands fall out of the braid and hang around your face, it only adds to the effortless elegance of the look. The side-braid is great for a daytime look, but can also be easily glammed up for an evening event.

This summer, there are endless possibilities in updo hairstyles, no matter what type of hair you have, or what your personal style is. Experiment will all of these ideas and more!

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Women Over 50: Tips For Healthy Hair

Women over 50 have a lot of changes going on in their lives. If we’ve raised a family, our kids are grown and starting their own lives. We’re thinking about retiring into our second lives and wondering what to do with the longer lifespan we can expect to have.

But being over 50 also means that our bodies are changing. Now, some of those changes aren’t obvious to anyone but us, and generally we’re grateful for that! But one change that can be pretty evident and obvious is the change to our hair.

When women start reaching their 50s, our hair follicles stop producing as much hair. Our hair can become thinner, with the hair that does grow in becoming fragile and brittle. The new hair gets damaged more easily, too.

The good news, though, is that women over 50 can still have beautiful, full heads of hair – we just need to be mindful of how we’re treating our overall health generally and our hair specifically.

Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy and beautiful not only when you hit 50 but for the rest of your life, too.

· First, forget the harsh chemicals, and that includes dyes. They damage hair even when we’re younger-when we’re over 50 that damage mounts up fast.

· Be gentle with your hair. It can be easy to jump out of the shower and just drag a brush through when we’re busy-but our hair is especially vulnerable when it’s wet!

· Pay attention to your diet. The amino acid L-Lysine is essential for growing healthy hair and so is eating a diet with unprocessed carbohydrates. Good-hair foods include legumes, green leafy vegetables, yellow and orange fruit, and other whole foods.

· If you’re not ready to have gray hair yet, women over 50 can reverse the gray by eating foods that are rich in zinc and copper like soybeans, barley, peanuts, legumes, and whole grains. Eat as many of your foods raw as you can to get the most nutritional value from them. And while you can take supplements of these two minerals, you have to be very careful-it’s easy to take too much, so you’re much better off getting your minerals from food!

· Believe it or not, exercise is also good for our hair when we’re over 50. Exercise keeps our blood flowing, and good circulation is really helpful for our scalp and hair!

· In addition to being gentle when you brush your hair, it’s also important to be careful in styling it. Pulling our hair into tight braids or other styles can damage it. So can using a hair dryer too often. When you can, rely on soft curlers and letting your hair dry naturally.

· Finally, if you’re doing great with diet and exercise and are still having trouble with thinning hair, there are two products you can use to make your hair thicker again-Minoxidil, which you can get at most large discount stores, and Procyanidin, a fruit extract that’s found in capsules-check for it at your local health food store.

Women over 50 don’t have to resign ourselves to having tightly-curled, short helmets of hair dyed that terrifying blue shade of white! We’ve come a long way from the hair that our grandmothers and maybe our mothers have put up with.

On the other hand, women over 50 do need to pay more attention to our hair than we did when we were younger. For most of us, beautiful hair isn’t going to be a freebie anymore! But with the right nutrition and care, we can still enjoy the same beautiful, full heads of hair that will stay that way for the rest of our lives.

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