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My NEW Sola Salon Space

If I have been doing your hair for awhile you know that I have wanted to venture out on my own for a long time! When this opportunity came up I had to jump on it! I have a space at Sola Salon at the Orchard Mall off I25 and 144th, next to Macy’s and AT&T store. I have been super busy, it is great! I have a new line of shampoo and conditioners in this salon, also I still have MY favorite Perfecta!

Check out my new salon:


Great Hair Tips for Women Over 40

When you reach age 40, changes can’t be stopped from coming your way. There are lots of things that steadily change like the kids you have raised starting to move out and live their own lives without you and you start wondering what things to do when they are no longer around the house.

But life as we know it is very surprising. Not only that the life routines change but you are a living proof of the fact that changes are inevitable. Your body itself has undergone transformations. Though most changes you have had do not appear to be noticeable to some, within you know that they have happened or constantly happening. One of these obvious transformations is the change to your hair.

As you reach that age, your head stops producing strong and smooth hair as it used to. You experience baldness and your crown is starting to become breakable and unpleasant. It easily gets damaged and it makes you feel so miserable. Worry not because there are still chances to bring back the old times. Here are some great hair tips that will take your confidence back to flaunt your locks once again.

You can remain beautiful even when you are 40. Your hair when you were 20 can still be as pretty as your hair today. You just need to give yourself the right treatment to revive the healthy hair you’ve had.

• First on the list of great hair tips is to avoid chemicals. This includes hair dying. Though you badly need to dye those grays, you need to accept the fact that they cause so much damage to your locks.

• Be very gentle to your locks. Now that you are 40 and up, you need more caution in brushing, rinsing and conditioning your hair.

• Be cautious with the food you eat. Diet plays an important role in achieving healthy hair. Protein and essential fatty acids should be highly taken to grow healthy locks. Foods that are best to create healthy hair include legumes, fruits and vegetable and meat.

• No woman will agree to have gray hair so as much as you can consume cuisines that are loaded with zinc and copper. They are proven to quash the graying of hair.

• Exercising on a regular basis is also vital. This is to keep your blood flowing thus making your body parts work well to produce well scalp and hair.

• Not only that you should be kind to your locks, you also need to be watchful in styling it. Making braids and other styles can cause serious damage. So is the frequent use of a blow dryer. As much as you can, stay on using curlers and dry your hair in the most natural way.

• As a final point, if have faithfully practiced healthy diet and regular exercise and still not getting the healthy hair you want, there are some supportive products available to make your hair thick. These products include Minoxidil that is broadly offered in the market. You may also want to try Procyanidin that are present in health stores. These are fruit extract capsules proven effective to grow hair rapidly.

With the correct nourishment and care, you may still benefit from the similar gorgeous thick hair that can you can keep your whole life. I hope you find these great hair tips very helpful. Stay beautiful!

Are you still clueless about how to get healthy hair?

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You will feel good and confident about yourself. And because you’ll never have a bad hair day, you will never have a bad day at work or at home. (The day goes smoother when your hair cooperates with you!). You will have hair that will never become frizzy, split or break. (You will never have to struggle with your hair ever again; it will do exactly what you want!).

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Tips in Obtaining Healthy Hair

A lot of people want to have healthy hair that would look great and stylish. After all, the hair is also an important part that would improve people’s look and appearance. There’s no using having beautiful and astonishing facial and body appearance with shabby, dry, or greasy hair. People wouldn’t be impressed with such look because such appearance would mean poor maintenance.

Here are several healthy hair tips, which can be done by everyone, in obtaining great hair. These steps are simple and easy to do.

* When people experience damaged hair or split ends, there’s no other ways except cutting it. When people maintain their damaged hair, they only risk worsening the hair condition. The split ends won’t go away, no matter how hard they try and whatever products they use. They need to start over and start a new beginning with new style.

* Once they start off with new look, they need to have regular trim. It’s better to do it once a month so that the hair condition will be kept well.

* If they have greasy kind of hair, they shouldn’t wash it every day. It would even make the condition get worse if they do it every day. When they wash their hair on daily basis, they would trigger the sebum glands to produce more oil, which in the end would make the hair even greasier.

* Avoid using any products with chemical substance if they experience damaged hair. Go for natural ingredient. Also avoid using hair styling products as such hair dryer or curling iron to prevent further damage. Start using more natural way in drying the hair: let it dry by itself.

* If they suffer from damaged hair, don’t often bind the hair or style it in up-do model. Binding or tightening the hair would cause break and cause further damage. It’s better to let the hair let loose.

* It’s better to use separate shampoo and conditioner. When they apply the conditioner, they should do it starting on the root and then on the hair strands only, not on the scalp. If they apply it on the scalp, it would make the scalp greasy.

* When the hair is wet, they shouldn’t comb it right away. Hair would easily fall off, especially in wet condition. They should also use comb with wider teeth. They should start to comb the hair from strands and then move to the root.

* Avoid extreme diets because the hair won’t get enough nutrients from the required food.

* It’s a good idea to consume vegetable, dairy products, and drink a lot of water every day so that they could get the nutrients needed by the hair.

People should keep doing the tips above and they could drastically change their condition in no time.

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The Top 5 Summer Care Tips!

We all love the allure of summertime! Summer is a time for frolicking on the beach, enjoying the yard and attending outdoor events. But the downside of the summer sun is that it can wreak havoc on your hair. The hot rays of the sun can be just as strong as a hot blow dryer. Listed below are the “Top 5 summer hair care tips” to get you through those sunny days.

Tip 1-Condition More/Shampoo Less
Use a good moisturizing conditioner in the hot summer months. Try skipping several days in between shampoos because it is drying to your hair and robs it of its natural moisture. In between days, try using baby powder as a dry shampoo to keep hair looking good. Also, when you shampoo or rinse your hair, use lukewarm or cold water because the “hot shower” is damaging to your hair. Once a week, give yourself a good deep conditioning treatment. A good hair mask or oil treatment is a must or you can also try some home conditioning treatments that work well. If the ends of your hair are damaged, you can soak them in jojoba oil and wrap in plastic for overnight. When styling your hair, make sure to always use a leave in conditioner.

Tip 2- Minimal Styling Tool Usage/Reduction of Hair Products
Try to cut back on your use of blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons and any other “heat” producing hair appliances. A good way to start is to let your hair air dry instead of using a blow dryer. If you must use a blow dryer, make sure you have used a leave in conditioner and a heat protecting spray on your hair first. Try to opt for more natural styles, which require less use of a styling iron that can burn your hair. Cut back on hair products (mousses, gels, glossers) that contain alcohol that are very drying to your hair. Try to find hair products that are all-natural or contain no alcohol.

Tip 3- Sunscreen/Sun Protection
When going out into the glaring sun, wear a hat or scarf to protect your hair from sun damage. If you don’t cover your head, spray a little sunscreen in your hair. Try using hair products that also offer sunscreen protection.

Tip 4- Keep it Trimmed
During the summer months, make sure you keep the ends trimmed to prevent further breakage. You can try opting for a shorter style in the summer months. If you must keep it long, condition well, protect it from the sun and keep the damaged ends trimmed.

Tip 5- Watch Out for Chlorine
Chlorine is extremely damaging on your hair. If you love to swim, make sure you wet your hair first before getting into the pool to help keep your hair from absorbing the chlorine. After swimming, make sure you shampoo with a clarifying shampoo to remove the chlorine residue in your hair. This is an important last step in the “Top 5 Summer Care Tips.”

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I’m Moving

I wanted to let you know that I will be moving salons as of June 18th! You can watch the video below to find out the juicy details.
Diane Kingsbeck is Moving Salons
Diane Kingsbeck is Moving Salons

 To see the NEW salon under construction and see where is is going to be please click on the video below:

Diane Kingsbeck New Salon at Sola
Diane Kingsbeck New Salon at Sola

I am filling up fast so call today to book your appointment in June at the NEW salon. 

See you soon,
Diane Kingsbeck
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Move Date:
The new salon will be open June 18th!!!
New Address:
14532 Orchard Parkway, Suite 400

Westminster, Colorado 80023