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Updo Hairstyle – Updo Ideas for Prom 2011

With this year’s prom right around the corner, it’s never to early to begin thinking about the perfect prom updo hairstyle. Many of the updo styles that were popular in 2010 will continue to be in style in 2011 as well. Classic chignons, messy updos and the high ‘puff’ style will be spotted throughout the prom dance floors this spring.

The messy updo is the perfect choice for prom for many reasons. For one, you don’t need to be constantly checking if your hair is staying in place. When you are owning the dance floor, the last thing you want to worry about is running to the bathroom to make sure something has come loose. The messy look provides some flexibility and still looks fabulous.

The ‘poof’ updo which has been popularized by the Jersey Shore star ‘Snooki’ will be a very popular prom updo hairstyle. The use of ‘pump ups’ will also be seen throughout the informal and formal world this year.

Early red carpet appearances this year have displayed very formal and elegant chignon updos. Elegant buns or crafted twists have been worn by a number of celebrities and will continue to be popular this prom season. Bangs are seemingly making a comeback as well and can be worn with any number of elegant updos.

While retro updos were in for 2010, we haven’t been seeing as many old hollywood styles so far this year. That is not to say they won’t be worn througout the year, it just looks like the trend might be short lived.

Remember, when choosing the perfect prom updo hairstyle, be sure to ‘test drive’ a few before deciding on your final look. After all, it is likely the biggest day of your young life so make sure you find the hairstyle that suits you and your personality best.

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