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Hair Health – How to Have Healthy Hair, Part Two

Having healthy hair is easier once you know what effects hair and what choices you can make to support you hair in being healthy. To have healthy hair there are factors you have to consider from the inside and from the outside.

Inside factors include anything that is going on inside your body. This includes the kinds of things you are ingesting (food, beverages, thoughts), what form of release you have established (exercise, yoga, breath work, being outside, laughter, fun) and if you are in a state of health and balance. The three biggest inside factors that affect your hair are stress, hormones and medication.

Outside factors include how you treat your hair, what you do to your hair (color, straighten, blow drying), environmental factors (pollution, ozone layer, air conditioning, artificial heat, chlorine) and weather (sun, wind, humidity, cold).

In this article we are going to focus on the outside factors and what you can do to support your hair in being healthy.

How You Treat Your Hair
Begin in the shower, what shampoo and conditioner do you use? It needs to be quality. Professional products are usually best. A product with keratin and moisture does wonders for anyone with chemically treated hair. Keratin is a form of protein and protein will rebuild your hair from the inside out. Moisture will protect your hair on the surface. It is crucial to have quality products for quality hair.

If you brush your hair when wet, switch to a comb. Hair is most elastic when wet, and if your hair is weak or vulnerable, it can overstretch and break when it’s wet. Just take care. Combing is more forgiving.

Next, use product in your hair if you plan on using any kind of heat. Product will help protect your hair. If you are blow drying, put your product on, then finish getting ready or eat breakfast and let your hair air dry for a bit. When you do blow dry, start on warm to get your hair 70 to 90 percent dry, then switch to hot heat. Use the heat as a styling tool, to give your hair a finished, polished look.

Don’t wash your hair everyday. This is super for your scalp and hair. You can use hair power and a quick freshening spray on your non-wash days, in combination with a quick blow dry on hot, to reshape your hair. Over time, this will make a huge impact of the health of your hair. Less washing means less styling. Less styling is less wear and tear on your hair.

What You Do To Your Hair
If you color or straighten your hair it is important to give back to your hair. You need to do all that we have just covered, not as an option, but as a practice of how to treat your hair. Also ask your stylist about gloss for coloring. It is safe and effective and feels wonderful. Your hair will shine.

Environmental Factors
Be aware of the environmental factors you can control. Nourish your hair with oils if you are in artificial heat or air.

Weather Factors
Put fresh water in your hair, then conditioner, then a cap on if you are getting in chlorinated water. Treat you hair to a deep conditioning treatment if you live in an area with extreme weather. Wear hats if you are out in the sun or cold.

Now that you know what factors affect your hair you can make choices to be nice to your body from the inside. Use quality products to nourish and protect your hair from heat, weather and daily life. Don’t wash everyday and take care to take care.

© Copyright – Nichole Ekman. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Nichole Ekman is a hairstylist and educator. She is also the founder of, a resource for hairstylist who want to practice the sacred aspects of hair. Nichole practices and teaches ‘Sacred Scalp Massage’ and other ways to connect in a deep, meaningful way in the world of beauty.

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