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Vitamins Essential For Healthy Hair

You are almost ready for the day just a little hair brushing is left. You are happy to see yourself in the mirror. Oh how awful! Your hair brush has got so many hair strands and all your happiness is lost! Any idea why this is happening? Well you might think of numerous reasons like chemicals in your shampoo, pollution, side-effect of some medicines, etc.

There can be various reasons but one important reason which is mostly overlooked is the food you eat. Poor dietary habits, together with stress, and other factors certainly affect the growth of your hair. When you eat healthy and nutritious food full of vitamins, proteins, and minerals your body becomes healthy strong and beautiful. Hair and nails are also affected by the food you take.

If your food does not contain proper amount of vitamins, your hair will definitely have hard time! You will come across hair-loss, scalp related problems and premature graying. Vitamin B ensures healthy hair, Vitamin E helps you overcome hair loss, Vitamin A plays a vital role in the growth of your hair, and Vitamin C makes your hair lustrous and beautiful. So it’s foolish having a meal that does not contain these essential vitamins.

In one laboratory research it was found that reducing or increasing the intake of vitamins have dramatic affect on hair. Some rats were fed with vitamin deficient food and it was found that they started losing their body hair. When the vitamins were totally removed from their food they turned totally bald. But interestingly, when they were fed with vitamin rich food once again, they regained their hair. Dermatologists have suggested that the result will be the same for human beings also.

Eat vitamin rich food like green peas, lentils, brown rice, soybeans, oats, walnuts, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, eggs, fish meat and citrus fruits to help your hair grow well and become healthy and beautiful. Some people believe that using hair-care products containing these essentials nutrients will solve the hair related problems. Yes, such products do solve many of your hair related problems but they don’t work that effectively if the nutrients are not added in diet. It has a simple logic. Suppose you are ill and doctor asks you to have some medicines for getting well, will the medicines work on you without nutritious meals? Certainly it won’t. Medicines only work when they are accompanied with nourishing diet. Sometimes it is not possible to compensate all the essential nutrients through the food that we eat. It is better to take some health supplements to compensate the essential nutrients required to stay fit.

Start taking some vitamin supplements to compensate essential vitamins required by your body and fall in love with your beautiful hair!

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